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Asphalt Paving Contractors Southbury CT

Welcome to VP Asphalt Paving, your trustworthy and most economical option for residential and commercial driveway solutions in Southbury, Connecticut! As a trusted family-owned and operated paving company with 35 years of industry experience, our asphalt contractors in Southbury take satisfaction in delivering first-class paving and sealcoating services for all your property’s requirements .

VP Asphalt Paving has been at the forefront of the blacktop driveway paving and asphalt sealing niche for well over 30 years. Since late March of 1989, our paving company in Southbury, Connecticut has been one success story after another.

From driveway repairs, commercial parking lot resurfacing to infrared asphalt repair to street aprons, VP Asphalt Paving has everything to do with “pavement”. Co-owner and operator Victor Pagona, was raised in the Hopeville section of Waterbury, and started in the paving business with his father from a very young age.

VP Asphalt Paving‘s veteran paving team of blacktop installation experts is devoted to supplying local residents and B2B professionals with top notch asphalt paving options.

Whether you require a driveway for new construction, a full asphalt replacement or newly paved parking lot, our Southbury asphalt paving company delivers proficiency and uses top-of-the-line paving equipment to get your project done right the first time!

At VP Asphalt Paving, customer fulfillment is our top priority. We have a long history of satisfied residential and commercial clients, coupled with very favorable testimonials which displays our dedication to quality and commitment!

Written referrals are available upon request, plus we urge you to look into our Google Reviews to see what past customers have stated about the quality and timeliness of our asphalt and sealcoating work.

When a new customers work with VP Asphalt Paving they can rely on the fact they’re dealing with one of the most highly knowledgeable and trustworthy paving companies in Southbury CT that puts it customers first! You’ll also have the peace-of-mind in knowing that VP Asphalt Paving is fully licensed and insured throughout the entire State of Connecticut!

Driveway Repair Southbury CT

VP Asphalt Paving, is your most relied on residential driveway repair contractor in Southbury; focusing on asphalt crack filling, blacktop upkeep, and pavement repair.

VP Asphalt Paving only uses hot commercial grade crack filling material. We feel Deery Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Sealer the best when it comes to adhesion, coverage, drying times! The filling of cracks in asphalt is an important part of pavement maintenance. It can prevent further damage to your pavement and extend its lifespan.

Our group is devoted to giving top notch solutions that deal with typical repair concerns like asphalt crack repair, pot holes, asphalt patching, crack sealing asphalt, as well as alligatored pavement issues. We recognize the stress involved when dealing with the frustration of driveway damage, which is why we provide an extensive list of repair services.

These services include, but are not limited to: repairing damaged curbing caused by irresponsible snow plow contractors, filling in driveway ruts, and infrared asphalt repair untilizing UPM brand cold-mix asphalt during colder weather conditions.

At VP Asphalt Paving, our customer’s satisfaction is 100% ensured. We take great pride in being among one of the most relied upon asphalt paving businesses in Southbury, with a performance history of providing solution-based outcomes.

Let’s face it, when it comes right down to it, “We Do Awesome Driveway Repair Work” and our 30 plus years on industry experience combined with great customer reviews proves it!

Listen up! Don’t allow asphalt or gravel driveway issues to get under your skin! Count on the driveway repair experts at VP Asphalt Paving to deliver professional paving services and a punctual work schedule. Call us today at (203) 819-7414 for a totally free price quote, as well as the experience of dealing with an exceptional customer service department.

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Driveway Paving Southbury CT

VP Asphalt Paving is your “go-to” asphalt contractor for new residential paved driveways and asphalt installations of any size and shape in the Southbury area! Our veteran paving team focuses on concentrates in producing sensational driveways, turn around areas, and driveway extensions for existing homes and businesses around the Southbury location!

We also tackle the installation of driveway rough-ins and road access aprons when required by local zoning compliance regulations, new custom home builders, or DIY homeowners building their own homes.

In the case of brand new “virgin driveways” we initially start by leveling the grade with our bulldozer or CAT compact track loader, and then installing high-grade geotextile fabric that is manufactured to provide both separation and a stable situaton between subgrades, one unfinished and one finished. Once the woven driveway fabric has been rolled out, we then proceed with the installation of the very important gravel sub base.

Also referred to as “woven driveway fabric”, when installed in roadway or driveway applications, the material helps to reduce potholes and downward gravel migration. Our excavation procedure begins with peeling off your driveway’s existing pavement layer, which we then transport to a used asphalt reclamation facility for proper environmental processing.

This enables us to begin with a fresh start and a more stable base to work from for the installtion of your new asphalt driveway or extension area. After ripping up your old pavement we begin leveling up the grade and adding fine gravel or 3/4″ processed stone for your new driveway’s updated foundation.

The newly spread six inch thick layer of sub base gravel material is then compacted with our awesome Tuff-Lift 1 Ton Vibratory Compactor Asphalt Roller Steam Roller. The preceding process provides a very level and sturdy paved surface after about a week with no vehicle traffic on your new driveway.

This step helps eliminate future settling and under-pavement voids from forming, adding years, if not decades to the life of your new parking area. We utilize top quality hot-mix asphalt and also utilize professional installation methods. Hot mix asphalt is initally spread at 3 inches in thickness then compressed by our vibratory roller and walk-behind plate compactor to 2 inches when done! over the compacted sub base material by our Leeboy Model 8608.

Our new 8608 is equipped both with a B1 smooth-ride poly track, and an oscillating bogie type, material management system. Our new machine delivers a very level and very smooth finished product! The mat can be driven over without altering its depth.

For included comfort and access, VP Asphalt Paving includes a blacktop road apron entry to effortlessly link your new driveway to the roadway in front of your property. The main goal for our customers is to produce a pristine driveway that is combined with durability and character! We want to be sure the financial investment for your newly paved driveway or turn around area, will be one you’ll be proud of!

At VP Asphalt Paving, we focus on utilizing name-brand products and professional installtion procedures that deliver a driveway your neighbors will be envious of! That’s why we’re one of the most recognized driveway paving companies in Southbury! You can count on us to have your project done on schedule and on budget! We guarantee it in writing!

Contact us today for a free written price quotation. We think you’ll be very glad that you did!

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Driveway Paving Costs

Costs to pave an average-sized driveway located in Southbury can range from $4 up to $17 per sq. foot. This mostly depends on the type of and quality of the materials being used and the overall square footage of your driveway.

Other pricing factors may include that unexpected turn around area on your wish list, or a nice extension area with built-in basketball court for the kids! Many of our Southbury cutomers building new homes often request asphalt snow plowing accumulation areas for the storage of snow during the winter months. This extra paved area off the main driveway helps to avoid damage to lawns and landscaping! It’s really a great amenity if it fits into your budget!

The cost of installation using all high-end materials could be as high as $25 dollars per square foot, but the price for less expensive lower quality asphalt and sub grade materials could be as low as $3.50-$7.00 per square foot.

On average, in the Southbury, Connecticut area, you’re looking at a range of $1,300 – $4,600 in tota for labor, material and permits. This is why it’s imperative you receive a written price quote from all the paving companies in Southbury you are considering to hire!

Driveway Resurfacing Southbury CT

Blacktop surface areas like driveways as well as large commercial parking lots require upkeep because of consistent lorry web traffic. Resurfacing is a cost-efficient remedy for attending to alligator cracks, small pot holes. Asphalt resurfacing enhances curb appeal as well as your home’s net worth.

The procedure includes changing the leading layer of asphalt, boosting toughness together with avoiding more damages. Advantages of asphalt resurfacing consist of boosted security by fixing fractures together with protecting against journey dangers.

Resurfacing your paved driveway additionally improves your property value with a streamlined, fresh clean look. Newly resurfaced asphalt usually lasts approximately 15-25 years, however routine asphalt resurfacing every 12-20 years greatly expands the life-span and overall functionality of your blacktop area.

What is the difference between paving and resurfacing?

To pave your Southbury driveway or parking lot, the old asphalt is totally removed, the existing sub base excavated. Then VP Asphalt Paving completely rebuilds and levels out a new sub base with 6 inches or more thick layer of 3/4″ processed stone and or fine gravel.

Finally, we fully compact new gravel sub base the same as we would in a new paving job. The final decison is based on many factors incliding price.We will give our 30 plus year experience based professional opinon, but the ultimate decison whether to pave of resurface your driveway in Southbury will be up to you!

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Driveway Resurfacing Costs

Since most asphalt resurfacing companies in Southbury charge by square footage, the price of driveway resurfacing is largely determined by its total area in square feet. A standard-shaped rectangular 800-square foot driveway (on average) would cost between $3 to $5 per sq. foot.

This would suggest the total cost for resufacing this driveway would come in at $4,000. Based on resurfacing the previous 800 sq. ft. driveway in Southbury it appears fairly expensive, but the cost to do a full replacement on the same exact driveway would exceed $5,500 which normally includes all labor and all materials needed to complete the project.

So it’s easy to see by running the math that it would cost you about 32% more to fully replace your existing driveway instead of going with the more inexpensive option of resurfacing! VP Asphalt Paving hopes this information has been helpful in deciding which option will be right for you and also fit your budget!

Parking Lot Paving Southbury CT

When VP Asphalt Paving paves or repairs a new parking lot in Southbury, a special grade liquid asphalt is bound to crushed gravel and coarse sand, leaving your commercial parking area with a solid paved surface. This is our company’s most requested asphalt mix for parking lots due to its extended durability and the ability to resist heavy traffic and chemicals, such as gasoline and oil leaks from parked vehicles.

Parking lot paving companies in Southbury should be well aware of the fact they need to be, bonded and fully insured in order to install and pave new commercial parking areas. Parking areas are paved in a similar way to residential driveways, with the exception that they have a much larger surface area and nightime lighting requirments for safety!

The asphalt is also laid down by our Lee Boy paving machine over many different sections, as opposed to just one or two smaller sections as in residential driveways. Give us a call for all your asphalt commercial parking lot needs in the Southbury region of Connecticut!

Curbing for Parking Lots & Driveways

Discover the enduring durability of concrete curbs, the modern style of asphalt curbs, and the classic charm of Belgium block curbs. Whether you want to improve your property’s appearance, control traffic, or create clear boundaries, our carefully selected resources will guide you in choosing the ideal curbing solution for your needs.

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Parking Lot Striping Companies Southbury CT

VP Asphalt Paving implements a detailed 4 step line striping program so your parking lot area will be done right the first time!

Step 1: Preparing Your Parking Area

At VP Asphalt Paving, we prioritize quality and durability in every project, including line painting for parking lots. Our first step is thorough preparation. We use premium paint specifically formulated for asphalt, ensuring long-lasting results. Clearing your building’s parking area of debris and repairing any surface imperfections is essential for a smooth and professional finish.

Before painting, our line striping contractors in Southbury recommend completing comprehensive asphalt maintenance, including cleaning, crack sealing, and sealcoating. This proactive approach maximizes the lifespan of your parking lot markings and enhances the overall appearance of your commercial parking area.

Step 2: Measure & Plan Out Your Parking Lot

Precision is key to a well-designed parking lot layout. Our team carefully measures each space, ensuring standard dimensions and compliance with Southbury zoning and building department accessibility regulations. VP Asphalt Paving strategically plans the placement of symbols such as handicap spaces and directional arrows for optimal functionality and accessibility.

Using advanced tools like parking lot protractors and straightedges, we guarantee accurate angles and spacing, preventing inconsistencies and ensuring a cohesive design.

Step 3: Painting the Lines in Your Parking Lot

Our line-painting company in Southbury utilizes state-of-the-art line striping machines for efficient and precise paint application. These machines allow us to control the width and quality of the lines, resulting in professional and durable markings on your newly paved or resurfaced commercial parking area.

Our team of veteran line-striping painters operate the line striping machines with expertise, ensuring straight lines and proper spacing. We also offer customization options, such as laser-guided striping for enhanced accuracy.

Step 4: Let Everything Dry & Clean Up

After painting, VP Asphalt Paving allows sufficient time for the paint to dry completely, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring safety for drivers. We use caution tape and cones to alert visitors to wet paint areas.

Cleaning and maintaining our line striping equipment is a top priority. Our Southbury team conducts a thorough cleaning after each use, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the machines.

By following these meticulous steps, VP Asphalt Paving delivers exceptional line painting services that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your commercial parking lot while adhering to the highest industry standards around.

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Driveway Sealing Southbury CT

If your asphalt driveway or commercial parking area could use a new look and added protection from Mother Nature‘s Fury and harsh chemicals from vehicle traffic, you’ve arrived at the right place! For well over three decades VP Asphalt Paving has been sealcoating residential and commerical asphalt surfaces with nothing short of professional results!

Our Southbury sealcoating company has followed a very detailed process and is not about to change it now! Our high-end asphalt sealing procedure includes the following 5 steps:

1. Preparing Your Driveway or Parking Lot

VP Asphalt Paving evaluates the current condition of your asphalt surface and sub base material including possible voids, pot holes and cracking. Next our Southbury sealcoating experts clean the asphalt surface with high-powered rotating brooms, hand stiff bristle brooms.

The last step in the preparation phase is to employ the use of our Tennant Sentinel street sweeper equipped with Vario Broom for an awesome cleaning of your parking lot surface.

Next, we stop all possible water runoff situations such as landscaping sprinkler systems and grade runoff. Finally or veteran sealcoating team hunts down and spot primes all oil and gasoline spots over the entire parking area, ending the initial preparation phase.

2. Repairing Your Asphalt Prior To Sealing

VP Asphalt Paving will completely fill all noticebale voids and alligatored cracks in your parking lot or driveway. Next our sealcoating technicians will repair any existing potholes, large or small with hot-mix asphalt if available, and if not, we’ll emply the use of UPM industrial grade cold-mix asphalt.

The last step in our sysemized approach of repair would be to mend any severely damaged spots by skim-coating the area with new hot-mix asphalt, in needed. VP Asphalt Paving implements this last and final step just prior to sealing your commercial paking spaces in Southbury so you end up with a new, level, shiny and defective-free asphalt surface!

3. Applying Your Sealcoating

Our sealcoating crew prepares the proper mixture of sealant for your precise pavement’s needs. Next we apply one to two coats of asphalt sealer for long-lasting results. We can either use a spray application, or if the customer so requests, we can brush and squeegee it on to your paved surface. Pricing will vary so please check with us beforehand!

4. Parking Lot Line Restriping

Restripe your parking space and handicapped access old lines while installing new crosswalk pavement markings with our premium grade paint stencils.

5. Cleanup

VP Asphalt Paving thouroughly cleans all areas of the project prior to leaving the job site!

Driveway Sealing Costs in Southbury CT

In Southbury, Connecticut, labor and material costs in 2024 for driveway and parking lot area asphalt sealing range between $0.68 to $1.24 cents per square foot. Driveway sealcoating costs average $489 – $893 for a 24-ft by 30-ft drive (720-total sq.ft. with two car wide drive).

Please call our driveway sealing company in Southbury to receive a free written cost estimate on your driveway or parking area sealant project, or if you so desire, fill out our website contact form. For all your residential and commercial sealcoating, we thank you in advance for choosing to work with VP Asphalt Paving!

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Gravel Driveways Southbury CT

Our well-looked-upon paving company offers both new gravel driveway installation and leveling or repair work when deemed necessary by the homeowner or commercial business owner! We’re very meticulous when installing new gravel driveways and have followed our signature process for over 30 years!

Gravel Driveways- Advantages and Disadvantages

Initial Investment

One major advantage of a finished gravel driveway in Southbury over an asphalt surface is cost. It costs much less to install and repair gravel driveway extensions and turn around areas as compared to driveways paved with asphalt!

Easy Maintenance

A gravel driveway only requires weeding, which can be accomplished with either a simple rake and a pesticide that is low in levels of carcinogens. If you expect that excessive weeds will grow in your area, a geotextile membrane for weed control can be used.

In-Built Surface and Sub-Surface Drainage

Installed correctly, new gravel drives located anywhere in the Southbury area can maintain and improve the drainage of an area, by feeding water into drains already in place, replenishing the soil and reducing flood risks. By adjusting all the water drainage pathways, they won’t be such of an adverse impact on surrounding wildlife and ecological systems.

Gravel’s Unique Appearance

Natural gravel is available in an array of colors, sizes, and styles to suit any aesthetic. VP Asphalt Paving will help you find that ideal look for your Southbury business or home, from soft beige tones to sparkling quartz. Due to the classic style, this type of finished gravel driveway would fil well with period and traditional style homes.

Cost Comparasin Gravel vs Asphalt

If you’re looking for a more affordable driveway for your home or business located in Southbury, crushed or gravel stone may be the better choice. An average-sized finished gravel driveway in Southbury can cost between $1,200 and $1,800.

The cost of an asphalt driveway is much higher than that of gravel. However, it also depends on its overall size. An average size driveway constructed of asphalt could range in price from $3,800 to $11,000 or more!

Call VP Asphalt Paving Right Now at (203) 819-7414 for a FREE Written Estimate. You’ll be glad you did!

Asphalt Millings Southbury CT

Our Proven 4 Step Process for Installing Asphalt Millings

1. We Prepare Your Area

VP Asphalt Paving will clear your driveway or parking lot of any foreign objects. The crew will remove any debris or damaged asphalt from the area you want to pave. Our crew will either use a high CFM blower or a street brush to remove small stones, fine gravel from the snow-plowing companies, dust, and debris.

We grade larger areas using lasers after cleaning the pavement. Grading with pitch will ensure that water runs off to catch basins or the surrounding perimeter of parking areas. It prevents the accumulation of water and possible damage to newly compacted millings.

The next and most crucial step is to compact the sub-base material. Never overlook the importance of a rock-solid foundation. Use a mechanical compactor on the soil to create a firm base.

2. Infrared Asphalt Binding and Ashesion

Infrared repair of asphalt involves heating asphalt with infrared radiation. It is possible to weld the old and new asphalt together. We heat the area first using our KM448 Heavy Duty Asphalt Infrared Heater. VP Asphalt Paving uses infrared heaters to heat up the damaged area.

Old asphalt is made malleable and allows for maximum adhesion. Our milling crew then removes any visible damaged asphalt. The deteriorated asphalt is then removed after heating. We also employ the use of an asphalt “hot box” which keeps the hot mix or recycled millings at the correct temperature when needed.

The next step is to add your millings back into the area. The asphalt crew will load the millings in the area prepared and mix it into the preheated asphalt. Transporting millings in an asphalt hotbox will ensure that the temperature is maintained throughout.

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3. Leveling and Rolling Your New Asphalt Millings

VP Asphalt Paving will spread your millings evenly. Our millings crew uses shovels and asphalt rakes to distribute the recycled millings evenly across your driveway or commercial parking lot. Now we move on to the next phase and that’s compaction of the newly installed millings using our state-of-the-art 2-ton vibratory roller.

Our Southbury asphalt milling contractors use our vibratory roller to compact the millings to achieve an engineered optimum 95% compaction rate. It may be necessary to make multiple passes using our walk-behind and vibratory compactors in order to achieve a solid surface and eliminate any gaps.

4. Optimum Thickness of Recycled Millings – Some Considerations

The thickness of asphalt millings is dependent on the use of the driveway millings installation
scenario. Most low traffic residential driveways can be built with a thickness of 3-4 inches.

Our guidelines for commercial and industrial parking areas are quite a bit different than for residential applications. We have acquired many years of expertise in this realm, and the heavy traffic in the Southbury area has led us to recommend a thicker layer of asphalt millings averaging between 4-6 inches.

For private roads and public “paper” (unapproved) roads, VP Asphalt Paving has discovered that 6-8 inch of recycled millings, rolled and compacted out on main roads subjected to heavy trucks and constant traffic, is the most effective solution.

Contact VP Asphalt Paving to Get More Information regarding the installation and management of asphalt millings for your driveway or parking lot located in Southbury!

You can reach our friendly representatives at (203) 819-7414 for any further questions you might have about the environmental implementation and use of recycled asphalt millings.

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Driveway & Yard Drainage Contractors Southbury CT

French Drain Systems

French drains are an integral component of VP Asphalt Paving‘s drainage solutions. French drains (also called curtain drains) are constructed of various width trenches filled with crushed stone and perforated drainage pipes.

This category of sub surface drain is designed to direct water away from low surfaces an depressions. This drainage setup is carefully installed by our Southbury, CT certified drainage technicians.

VP Asphalt Paving‘s French drain systems are designed and installed to alleviate water buildup while protecting your asphalt surfaces from heavy runoff damage. From our 35+ years of drain installations, excessive water runoff and flooding is typically caused from previous soil erosion along the edges of your driveway or parking area.

VP Asphalt Paving are a vital component of an effective water manangement system designed by VP Asphalt Paving. These sub-surface “water collectors” are designed to collect and manage excess water, preventing surface runoff and potential water damage to your tarmac and blacktop surfaces.

The operation of an expertly installed dry well is fairly simple, yet highly effective. This consists of a large, excavated pit filled with gravel or wasjed crushed stone lined with filter fabric to protect against silting the well in the coming years!

VP Asphalt Paving dry well designs make it extremly easy for water to seep in and disperse into your yard’s surrounding soil, or be redirected to a catch basin at the street level.

As water enters your dry well, it is stored temporarily until it can percolate naturally into the ground, reducing the risk of standing water or puddling on paved surfaces.

From there, if there are municipal storm sewers available in Southbury, we will direct the water there from the outlet side of your catch basin.

VP Asphalt Paving uses good old common sense and years of experience when installing all our dry wells, mostly in areas where water accumulation is of great concern, such as low-lying sections in your yard, or commercial properties with inadequate natural drainage, such as grass or gravel swales.

By adding a well-engineered dry well into a site drainage plan, VP Asphalt Paving gurantees efficient water management, while safeguarding asphalt surfaces from potential water-related nightmares!

Our experienced team at VP Asphalt Paving handles the design, installation, and maintenance of dry wells with precision and expertise. For maximum efficiency, VP Asphalt Paving assess each project’s unique drainage requirements to determine the best placement and size of your particular dry well.

With a new dry well integrated into your property’s drainage system, you can enjoy improved runoff control, reduced erosion risks, and enhanced longevity of your asphalt driveway and commercial parking lot area.

Trust VP Asphalt Paving for reliable dry well installations in [local]. Our engineered dry well system will add to an efficient water management system for decades.

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Catch Basins

At VP Asphalt Paving, we understand the significance of proper stormwater management, which is why we often include catch basins as part of our residential and commercial paving projects.

These concrete or anti-corrosive steel structures collect runoff water from surfaces below and redirect it away to streams, rivers and brooks. Placing a catch basin strategically in an area to capture excess runoff will not only dry up your parking lot or driveway very quickly, but will prolong its lifespan by doing so.

Trench Drain Systems

Trench drains can be an invaluable tool in controlling surface water runoff, and at VP Asphalt Paving we use trench drains as a resource to collect rainwater and prevent pooling or erosion on paved surfaces. The correctly-sized trench drain will keep driveways and parking lots puddle-free even during heavy rainfall!

Our drainage installation company in Southbury installs long, narrow channels equipped with grated covers in order to direct the water toward drainage systems safely. The long channels keep residential driveways and commercial parking areas dry and safe from hydroplaning!

Slot Style Drains

Our Southbury drainage company offers another effective drainage solution: slot drains. Designed with narrow openings along their surfaces, these types of drains collect water and prevent debris from entering them.

Slot drains are carefully installed for improved surface drainage, lower water buildup levels, and to preserve pavement integrity. Our meticulous approach makes sure the slot drains blend in seamlessly with your asphalt, while sporting great drainage performance.

Drainage slots are also placed directly in front of your overhead garage doors, especially when your Southbury driveway exhibits an downward slope toward your garage doors!

In this case a well installed slot drain will keep you garage floor bone-dry and free from infiltrating storm waters!

Grass and Gravel Stone Swales

As part of our awesome comprehensive drainage services, VP Asphalt Paving designs and builds grass and rip-rap swales to effectively manage water runoff.

Swales are natural or engineered depressions in the ground that collect runoff from pavement surfaces before channeling it away to an alternate collection device, such as a catch basin.

Our 35 years of expertise in swale construction ensures we exceed optimal grading and landscaping standards to improve drainage efficiency, while safeguarding against potential water-related damage to all your asphalt surfaces.

Gutters and Downspouts

For buildings situated near large paved areas, VP Asphalt Paving installs gutters and downspouts to redirect roof runoff away from pavement surfaces and reduce any water infiltration issues that might otherwise arise.

Their proper installation ensures long-term performance without water-related issues compromising the structural integrity of the asphalt.

Proper downspout installation provides for long term performance with minimal issues related to water infiltration in your home or business located in Southbury.

VP Asphalt Paving‘s top priorities include providing our customers with high-quality craftsmanship and engineered drainage solutions designed to meet their individual driveway or parking lot drainage requirements.

By doing this, we create lasting pavements which withstand the test of time.

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Permeable Asphalt

At VP Asphalt Paving, permeable asphalt is an innovative solution designed to address drainage issues efficiently. In contrast to traditional asphalt surfaces, permeable asphalt allows water to pass more freely between its surface and sub layers – helping prevent standing water or puddling on driveways or parking lots.

Permeable asphalt’s success lies in its composition: Porous materials that create voids within its pavement structure provide an infiltration path for water or moisture accumulation to pass through and be diverted either towards drainage systems or be absorbed back into the earth below.

When rainwater accumulates on the porous pavement’s surface, permeable asphalt allows the water to seep into those gaps before being directed toward an engineered drainage system, or back into percolation pathways already in place.

Permeable asphalt helps mitigate surface runoff, reduce erosion, and protect asphalt surfaces against potential water-related damages. With its water infiltration features, and ability to help avoid surface runoff, permeable asphalt paving is especially advantageous in regions such as Southbury, CT.

This region of Connecticut is suseptible to heavy and frequent rainfall during the spring, or where proper drainage is vital. VP Asphalt Paving‘s team of expert installers concentrate in installing permeable asphalt surfaces for both residential and commercial properties. This special type of asphalt promotes sustainable water management practices that are eco-friendly.

Their professional installation services guarantee accurate installations that prevent standing water, puddling water or potential water-related issues on driveways and parking lots. We’ve always “got an itch to scratch” when it comes to working with asphalt!

Permeable asphalt provides you with a long-term, functional pavement solution to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your property, while contributing to water drainage efficiency and environmental conservation.

At VP Asphalt Paving, our permeable asphalt installations provide superior drainage capabilities for maximum environmental benefit. Our installations in Southbury provide for outstanding water drainage and environmental conservation concerns.

About Our Paving Company

Welcome to VP Asphalt Paving, your trusted and cost-effective choice for residential driveway and commercial paving solutions in Southbury, Connecticut!

Our veteran paving crew has 35 years of experience in the asphalt industry. We’re are a family-owned and operated paving company dedicated to providing top-notch paving and sealcoating services for all your dreams and desires!

Led by co-owner, Victor Pagona, our paving technicians bring professional asphalt paving solutions to local residents and businesses in the Southbury area.

Founded in March of 1989, we have a track record of success in driveway repair, commercial parking lot resurfacing, driveway sealing, and street aprons.

You can see our Privacy Policy page here and can contact us anytime for a FREE No-Obligation Estimate! Give VP Asphalt Paving a ring anytime at (203) 819-7414!

We are proud to serve the following villages, towns and cities throughout Western Connecticut : Heritage Village, Woodbury, Middlebury, Oxford, Newtown, Roxbury, Beacon Falls, Naugatuck, Union City, Bridgewater.

Vick “Vic” Pagona: Co-Owner VP Asphalt Paving

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What factors should I consider prior to paving my driveway?

Before paving your driveway you need to think about elements such as your budget, the total square footage, any irregular shapes your driveway may have and the grade and type of asphalt you want installed.

What are the usual indicators which would suggest that my driveway or parking area requires repair work?

Common indicators that your pavement might need repair work would be visual evidence of alligator cracking, pot holes, setling issues, unequal surface areas, surface drainages problem, and severe discoloration. It’s crucial to deal with these concerns immediately to stop more damage from occuring.

How can I protect my driveway for an increased lifespan?

Our experienced driveway sealing contractors advise to sealcoat your driveway every 2-3 years for optimum protection from the elements. Routine driveway sealing maintenance for your Southbury driveway extension increases it’s lifespan while at the same time keeps the pavement looking like new!

What considerations should I keep in mind when installing a new asphalt paking area at my commercial business location?

When planning a parking area installment, crucial factors to consider consist of the overall square footage along with parking area design, heavy equipment and car traffic, ADA conformity, possibly drain systems, illumination requirements from you local zoning officer, landscape design as well as working with skilled professionals for top quality installment.

What are the benefits of installing a crushed rock or gravel driveway over asphalt for my property?

Gravel driveways have many benefits such as cost-effectiveness, great traction during winter months, reduced upkeep, drainage perks plus an obvious aesthetic allure.

What licenses as well as insurance policies should a reputable asphalt contractor in Southbury hold when working on my private property?

A respectable asphalt paving business ought to have a legitimate service provider’s certificate, a liability insurance policy, Workman’s Compensation Coverage as well as certified bonds as legally required by regional guidelines. It’s essential to confirm these qualifications prior to employing a Southbury asphalt paving contractor for your driveway or commercial parking lot endeavor.

What advanced repair tactics are made use of by your company when repairing asphalt driveways like mine?

VP Asphalt Paving‘s methods for fixing asphalt driveways consists of infrared asphalt repair, cold patching, crack sealing with the use of specialized products and overlaying deteriorated sections with brand-new asphalt.

How do various driveway products effect the atmosphere together with what alternatives are readily available for me?

Asphalt driveways can contribute to urban heat islands and runoff pollution. Gravel driveways in the Southbury area allow for natural drainage but may require more maintenance than their asphalt counterparts!

How do different driveway materials impact the environment, and what Green options are now available for me?

Sustainable options like permeable class asphalt are now available to reduce runoff and heat buildup, providing environmentally friendly alternatives for your new driveway.

How often should I protect my newly paved driveway with asphalt sealcoating?

Sealing asphalt pavement driveways is dependent on many factors. These include climate, usage and age of pavement as well as sealant type. Sealant must be applied at least every 3-6 years, but in some cases more frequent applications or prolonged sealing may be needed.

Asphalt deterioration is accelerated in harsh climates that have extreme temperatures swings. For example, scorching hot summers or bitterly cold winters. Every 2-3 years, asphalt may need to be sealed in order for it to remain intact. This is because of damage that can occur from moisture, UV radiation, or freeze-thaw cycles.

How much traffic is on the road and what kind of driveways you use will also influence how frequently sealants are applied. Areas exposed heavy vehicles such as trucks might need more frequent sealing sessions. Usually every 2 to 3 years.

Asphalt driveways that are new should receive the first sealcoat within a one-year period of their installation. This will help to prolong their lifespan and protect it. Once the first application is complete, additional sealings should be done every two to four years depending upon other factors.

Sealant quality and type: Sealants can have an impact on the sealing frequency. A higher grade sealant may be more durable and last longer, so fewer applications are needed over time. However, a lower-grade one might require frequent sealing.

If you regularly examine your driveway to look for signs such as faded or cracked patches, cracks and/or water penetration, it can be determined when a reseal is needed.

Follow the recommendations of the sealant manufacturer and also consult with a professional to determine what kind of sealant will best fit your driveway.

How thick should asphalt be when installed by my paving contractor for for a solid driveway or parking lot?

We appreciate your question. This thickness is determined by several factors such as soil condition, climate and type of traffic.

In most cases, driveways for homes with moderate or light traffic will have a 2-3 inch thickness. For heavier traffic areas, like commercial parking lot, thicknesses can be as high as 6 inches.

The thickness of the asphalt layer should be determined by your paving contractors based on individual conditions.

The durability of a thicker asphalt layer is improved, particularly when it comes to high traffic areas and regions where harsh weather conditions are present.

The lifespan of asphalt or blacktop is dependent upon the quality and compaction process of the hot-mix (HMA) materials.

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